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In The Zone: The Relaxation Benefits of Female Masturbation

Continuing my posts about the benefits of female masturbation, today’s post is about how relaxing masturbation can be for a woman.

Whenever I have a masturbation session—be it a quickie to recover from a long day or an extended journey into solo sex that lasts for almost an hour and results in gushing orgasms—masturbation always promotes enjoyment, calmness, and clarity in me. When I’m stimulating myself, I find that certain issues are no longer a big deal, and I’m able to arrive at solutions much more easily and quickly. It’s my alone time. I find that I continually learn more and more about myself during each session of self-pleasure.

Probably the most relaxing part of getting myself off is that there are no rules. I can use toys or just my hands; I can call to mind fantasies or simply close my eyes and let it just happen. But however I choose to do it, it’s always magic—and it’s not wrong. The only thing wrong about female masturbation, in my opinion, is failing to experience it. So what are you waiting for, ladies? Indulge!